Head of Delegation

Pomy is the founder of the Swiss MilCOMP-Team.
He can sell freezers to Inuits and reminds Machiavelli of the things he forgets. His favorite gun is the San Arms 553 LB: short, compact and will never let you down. He LOVES this gun, like, really. His prefered discipline is to rush his team around the military base with hard to read orienteering maps. You will never find him without a textmarker in his pockets because you know... better safe than sorry.



Schiggy has been the Captain of the Swiss MilCOMP-Team since day one.
Feeling hungry? Schiggy has got you covered. No matter where or when, he has always some “Bireweggli” on hand. His prefered gun is the Minimi, full power without reloading for 200 rounds. Combat shooting is his favorite discipline. He never leaves the house without some kind of ear protetction, either because of the shooting noises or because of Hutch snoring.


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