MilCOMP-Competition 2020

Liège (BEL)


We worked hard during this preparation to finally bring the gold medal back home again and let us tell you, we were so ready.

But then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the first events got already cancelled in March. We really hoped that this virus would not explode as it did and that the summer congress in August would still take place. Unfortunately, in April, the international community decided that there would not be any competition this summer.
They left the option for a possible competition in September of this year open, given that the situation would massively improve and a host country could be found. In the end, the situation did not improve and so the possible competition in September was also cancelled.

Because there was no competition this summer, we cannot tell you much about Liège or our performance. We have some gun memes instead for you, hope this is just as good ;-)
(there are more gun memes here because the 2. Happening in March had also to be cancelled...)