Schmeisser Factory & Schmeisser Day

Schmeisser Factory Krefeld (DEU)

Later in 2019, Eric, Pomy and colleagues from Ammotec Schweiz AG had the chance to visit the Schmeisser factory in Krefeld (GER) to test guns, film footage for reviews and help create a special edition.

More specifically, during our two days stay, we shot a STG 44 and an original AR10 full-auto, and prepared the first batch of 70 MilCOMP-rifles for shipping to Switzerland. For this special edition, we took the S4F as a basis, but decided to go for a bronze coloring and added some goodies, such as Falke optics and a 60 rounds magazine.
We were really excited about and also proud of this special edition, but at the same time anxious about how much interest there would be in such a MilCOMP-edition rifle. To our delight, the 70 rifles were sold out within days in Switzerland!

We also made two short videos of our stay in Germany:
Range day with the CEO of Schmeisser
Putting together the AR15 MilCOMP special edition

Schmeisser Day Weinfelden (CHE)

Since the launch of our special edition rifles was such a success, we decided to team up with Schmeisser again to do a Schmeisser testing day at the SZO in Weinfelden (CHE). On this day, 80 participants could test and shoot the new AR15-9, the Schmeisser HUGO, and other Schmeisser guns. A very successful day and even better collaboration with our German colleagues from Schmeisser.

Looking forward to continue this collaboration in the future!