Long Range Sustenpass 2020

Long Range Sustenpass 2020 (CH)

The long range event of Brünig Indoor on the Sustenpass (CH) is probably an integral part of every sporting marksman’s agenda. During the course of two days civilians are allowed to use the military shooting range deep in the mountains to shoot on targets up to 1200m while enjoying the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and glaciers.

In autumn of 2020, the MilCOMP-Team had the chance to be part of this awesome event together with our main sponsor Ammotec Schweiz AG.
The event started on a Monday and, unfortunately, the weather was not on our side: lots of fog, clouds and some rain. No weather to be shooting long distances. So, the day was spent in the accommodation playing cards, talking shop and having a good time with our colleagues from the Ammotec team. The next day, the weather was THE BOMB. Clear blue sky, no wind, not too warm, not too cold - a marksman’s dream so to say. Breakfast was eaten very quickly on that day ;-)

Throughout the day, we shot as many different weapons and distances as possible. It was just too much fun and we certainly didn’t want to miss out on any of it. In the heat of the moment, one or two might have forgotten how strong the sun is shining in the mountains and went home with a little red souvenir... After a day of incomparable fun, we are already very much looking forward to the event in 2021!

We took a lot of pictures and don’t want to withhold them from you of course. So please check out our gallery for more pictures of this epic day.
If you want to see even more long range action, we also have some Youtube videos on our Youtube channel, including a review, our preparation before the event and a video about the event itself:

GM6 Lynx 50BMG / Review

Let's go long-range shooting. What do we need?

Long Range Event Sustenpass / MilCOMP

Overall it was a very successful event from the guys at Brünig Indoor. If you are interested in attending this event, check out the Brüning Indoor website.