MilCOMP-Competition 2018

Burlington (USA) / Quebec (CAN)

After two competitions we were ready to enlarge our team. Hutch, Kid and Machiavelli were the new additions to the MilCOMP team.
Before the competition in Quebec (CAN), we trained one week in Burlington (USA) to be as prepared as we could be for the competition. This week in Burlington was really impressive and memorable, they sure know how to do things over there... lack of material or ammo? Not an issue in Burlington.
After this week of training, we were taken to Quebec (CAN) by a US-Army shuttle. Lets us tell you, moving several international military teams over a border is a huge logistical effort. It took several hours but we made it to Valcartier base eventually. First thing we did: hoist our Swiss flag and our pirate flag. Now we were ready to attack for gold!
The Dutch guys were as always our strongest opponents. We had a good start and were at the top of the leader board after the first disciplines but after the obstacle course and the shooting challenges, the Dutch team was only a few points behind and the battle for gold got intense in the last few disciplines. We had an awesome run on the orienteering and could defend our leader position - the gold medal was ours! On top of that, Schiggy even received an additional award for his exceptional skills in the LOAC. More than happy with the performance of everyone!

To top this very successful competition off, we went on a road trip from Quebec to Toronto afterwards. A well needed and deserved vacation to celebrate our achievement and to just have a good time. To our defense, we did some sightseeing in Toronto. But there are also a lot of nice bars there.