Long Range Sustenpass 2020

The long range event of Brünig Indoor on the Sustenpass (CH) is probably an integral part of every sporting marksman’s agenda. During the course of two days civilians are allowed to use the military shooting range deep in the mountains to shoot on targets up to 1200m while enjoying the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and glaciers.

MilCOMP-Competition 2020

We worked hard during this preparation to finally bring the gold medal back home again and let us tell you, we were so ready. But then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the first events got already cancelled in March.

2. MilCOMP Happening

Due to the high demand and positive feedback after the first Happening in March 2019, the second Happening should have been a two day event. It was an ambitious project and we were not sure if we could sell all the tickets. However, contrary to our apprehension, the tickets were all sold out within 3h after launching.

MilCOMP-Competition 2019

We were going for gold again in Tallinn.
The competition started well for us and after several disciplines and a really good run in the shooting challenge, chances were good to get that gold medal again. But, unfortunately, the weather in the Baltics is sometimes a bit of a pain and unpredictable.

Schmeisser Factory & Schmeisser Day

Later in 2019, Eric, Pomy and colleagues from RUAG had the chance to visit the Schmeisser factory in Krefeld (GER) to test guns, film footage for reviews and help create a special edition.

1. MilCOMP Happening

Since the foundation of the team, there have been a lot of requests and question about the possibility to shoot together with the MilCOMP team. In 2019, we could finally make it happen!

MilCOMP-Competition 2018

After two competitions we were ready to enlarge our team. Hutch, Kid and Machiavelli were the new additions to the MilCOMP team. Before the competition in Quebec (CAN), we trained one week in Burlington (USA) to be as prepared as we could be for the competition.

MilCOMP-Competition 2017

Even though we had a really good preparation prior to the competition, last minute adjustments and absences in the team lead to some complications. After we got everyone finally through airport security, the second edition of our MilCOMP adventure could start.

MilCOMP-Competition 2016

This was the first time in a long that a Swiss MilCOMP team participated at the international championship again.
Inexperienced and young, all we knew about the competition was what Pomy had heard from the German colleagues he once met in Hammelburg (DEU).