It is a personal matter for us to only work together with quality companies in which we trust and whose products we would also buy for private use outside of MilCOMP.

The whole MilCOMP journey wouldn't be possible without our sponsors. We are very grateful to have such reliable and awesome sponsors accompanying us on our journey.

Main sponsors

Ammotec Schweiz AG

Ammotec Schweiz AG has been our main sponsor since day one.
They are the leading wholesaler in the Swiss market when it comes to hunting and sporting guns, ammunition and supplies. They are also the main sponsor of our MilCOMP-Happenings.


This is our preferred brand for high quality ammunition, especially for 9 mm and .223 Rem which we use most for training and competitions.

Swiss P

The ammunition brand for special forces. Swiss P is our first choice for .308 Win and 338 LM which we use for long distance and precision shots.



In 2019, we were able to bring out our first AR15 limited MilCOMP-edition in collaboration with our friends from Schmeisser. This special collaboration was continued in 2020 in form of a AR15-9 limited MilCOMP-edition.


An army marches on its stomach. DryTech is the worlds leading supplier of outdoor and survival food. Thanks to their RealField meals, we are always well cared for during our trainings on the range and in the wilderness.

G-Shock Switzerland

Our outfitter for resilient and stylish watches that can match up to our high expectations. We wear them day and night in order to always be on time, something that is very important if you are in the military.

Alpine Fox

Our training takes place every week, rain or shine and we have high expectations on clothing and material. Alpine Fox offers us these smart tactical solutions and makes sure our clothes are never letting us down, even during the harshest conditions.

We would also like to thank our two photographers for their time and support.

Timo joined us in early 2020. He is also the photographer of Vogt Waffen and is very knowledgeable about gun photography, especially long range shooting.

Jan is the newest addition to our "media" team and joined in 2021. He is the creative head behind our latest and to date most professional filmings and photoshootings. He has also exceptional drone flying skills.

Check out his Vimeo page for some awesome work:

Do you want to support and join us on our journey?