MilCOMP-Competition 2017

Prague (CZE)

Even though we had a really good preparation prior to the competition, last minute adjustments and absences in the team lead to some complications. After we got everyone finally through airport security, the second edition of our MilCOMP adventure could start.

The Czech Republic was, in our opinion, not prepared for an event of this scale: not enough vehicles to move the competitors around the base and to the competition sites, almost antique material, and lack of ammo and cold beer to calm down the flared tempers.
The first challenge was to adapt to the improvised material and to not trip over an old Russian barbwire during the orienteering. Our performance was okay overall, but we lost again a good amount of points during the orienteering.
We were able to noticeably improve our ranking from 2016 but we didn’t reach the goals we set ourselves for this competition.