MilCOMP-Competition 2019

Tallinn (EST)

We were going for gold again in Tallinn.
The competition started well for us and after several disciplines and a really good run in the shooting challenge, chances were good to get that gold medal again. But, unfortunately, the weather in the Baltics is sometimes a bit of a pain and unpredictable, it was constantly changing, and we were worried that it might get nasty. On top of that, we were late to the orienteering because our bus driver, who was supposed to get us safe and sound to the start of the orienteering, had to drive backwards at one point because he missed the exit on the highway.
As a result, we had to run the orienteering in rain, wind and thunderstorm, while the other teams had enjoyed bright sunshine for their run. The thunderstorm had blown over several of the control points which made it extremely hard to find them.
The defense of the gold medal seemed to be more and more long way away.

In the end, we could “only” defend our gold medal in the shooting and had to move to the third place overall.