2. MilCOMP Happening

MilCOMP Happening 2020


Due to the high demand and positive feedback after the first Happening in March 2019, the second Happening should have been a two day event. It was an ambitious project and we were not sure if we could sell all the tickets. However, contrary to our apprehension, the tickets were all sold out within 3 hours after launching. We then soon started with all the necessary preparations and at the end of February, the team and the sponsors were ready for the second Happening and two days of fun and lead.
Unfortunately, the covid-19 virus thwarted our plans and we had to cancel the 2020 Happening.

Instead of telling you how cool and successful the second MilCOMP Happening was, we can only offer you some gun memes. Please enjoy.
(there are more gun memes here because the competition in summer was also cancelled...)